The last 12 month

Mobilisation of local Covid-19 vaccination site to vaccinate our patient population.

Recruited to the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS) including 2 clinical pharmacists, 2 first contact practitioners and an additional social prescriber.

Developed a good working relationships with other Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and the Lincolnshire Primary Care Network Alliance (LPCNA) clinical directors.

Continuing to forge stronger working relationships with our local partners and the wider system to help improve patient care.

Engaging with the Mental Health Transformation team to begin to deliver and integrate health services into the PCN community.

The next 12 months

Continue to recruit to the ARRS roles, specifically mental health practitioner, occupational therapist and a paramedic.

Roll out of Phase 3 programme for Covid-19 boosters and flu vaccines.
Continue to deliver the requirements of the DES.

What we are most proud of

Working as a team to co-ordinate the mobilisation of the PCN’s Covid-19 local vaccination site and vaccinating over 39,000 individuals.
Recruiting to the ARRS roles.