Not having previously been a Federation, our 5 practices came together in 2019 to form Trent Care Network, and since then we have developed some really good working relationships with a variety of care providers.  

With PCN colleagues in Lincoln (West), we procured a social prescribing service with Voluntary Centre Services. The social prescribers and the Neighbourhood Team have been particularly helpful during Covid-19, contacting and supporting shielding and vulnerable patients.

Through joint working with the CCG, other PCNs and LCHs, we are working on a framework model to recruit to the First Contact Practitioner role. We anticipate doing something similar for the Paramedic role for 2021/22.

Pre Covid-19, we had started to implement online consultation, during the pandemic Nationally, digital ways of working such as remote working and total triage were expedited. Our PCN practices have implemented total triage tools, such as askmyGP and eConsult.

Our Network works closely with the Neighbourhood Team Lead.  During Covid-19, NHS England made a request that primary care and community health and care services enhance support for care homes.  The Neighbourhood Team Leads were asked to be the designated clinical leads for care homes.  Our Network’s Neighbourhood Team Lead is the designated clinical lead for our care homes and also South Lincoln Healthcare PCN’s care homes.  We have also aligned each of our care homes to a lead practice within our Network.

  • Working towards delivering the PCN Network DES requirements.
  • Recruiting to the additional roles – Clinical Pharmacists, First Contact Practitioners and Occupational Therapist (Paramedic and Mental Health Practitioners in 2021/22).
  • Continuing to engage with other PCNs and the PCN Alliance Clinical Directors.
  • Continuing to forge stronger working relationships with our local partners and the wider system to help improve patient care.
  • Engaging with the Mental Health Transformation Team to begin to deliver and integrate mental health services into the PCNs community.
  • Utilising the population health management data to help us to provide better care and improve physical and mental health outcomes, promote wellbeing and reduce health inequalities for the population.