4Counties has grown out of the Primary Care Home in Stamford, the precursor to PCNs, through which we began our collaborative journey in 2016. 

We have now joined up with Hereward in Bourne and our emphasis is to build on the model to bring the care and services around citizens in these communities.

This history gives us the benefit of close working and an advisory board whose membership includes a whole range of healthcare providers; local authorities and county councils; volunteer sector; public health; CCG; STP and GP practices.  This plan is that this group will be repurposed into the 4Counties PCN Executive Board as trust and relationships continue to grow.

We are keenly focused on our communities and as locally embedded organisations are best placed to lead on the transformation around neighbourhood working. Our communities need to be trusted and encouraged to explore how to feel they can flourish. Through engagement with people, local charities and other organisations we have already begun work around how we might reshape the way we think about and care for mental health and wellbeing of our local citizens. Indeed the model developed in 4Counties has been taken on as the basis of the transformation plan for the whole County.

There are also ongoing plans to collaborate with neighbouring PCN’s to develop an Extended Health in Care Homes proposition based on the model grown on our patch and extend it to a wider area.

  • The development of a workforce to support the growing health and care requirements for the local population, this will include more pharmacists, physiotherapists and expansion of our home visiting team for those who need care provided in their own home.
  • Locally we have the beginnings of a model to change the culture and ways we manage mental health. The PCN in collaboration with the voluntary sector, LPFT and other stakeholder groups are keen to develop this and become an exemplar of how to best support citizens wellbeing and those suffering with mental ill health.
  • We will create forum events focused on certain areas that require a ‘population health’ approach including frailty, mental health and children and families. We will try to get anyone who has a stake in these arenas to come, share ideas and listen to those of others to shape how the future looks.
  • Working with public health to truly embed prevention in how health is approached locally. We have already become a partner of Connect Stamford an organisation promoting active travel and look forward to the development of a green wheel in the town.