The last 12 month

The PCN quickly adapted to a rapidly changing world. Covid-19 changed not only the day to day running of services but also added the challenge of rolling out a Local Vaccination Service for the population of Boston.

The member practices established a new strength in working together collaboratively. This was particularly demonstrated in the successful Covid-19 vaccination programme delivered by Greyfriars, The Sidings and Swineshead Medical Group. The PCN practices delivered the programme collaboratively with their additional roles (Pharmacists), the Neighbourhood Team, CCG employees, as well as a host of volunteers, who together vaccinated 31,140 people.

The PCN continue to actively recruit, having appointed Care-Co-ordinators, First Contact Physio’s, a Clinical Pharmacy Team, and a 50/50 ARRS Mental Health Practitioner over the last 12 months. Currently out to advert is an OT Lead, Health Inclusion Officer and a Communications function.

Stakeholders - The Neighbourhood Team and PCN hosted a Stakeholder Engagement Event at Fydell House in September 2020. The event, attended by 253 people, showcased the PCN and Neighbourhood Team and brought together local services to reconnect and develop relationships whilst gaining an awareness of what is available in our local community. The event was deemed a success and benefit to those attending, which has resulted in a commitment to have an annual event.

The next 12 months

Our relationships as practices continues to strengthen and grow, we continue to work on more joint projects and our team will continue to grow and evolve to reflect this. We are excited to see where the next 12 months leads us and are delighted that Louise Price, Boston Neighbourhood Lead, has been enabled to join BPCN, for a six month secondment, in the role of Director of Strategy and Partnerships. This is to lead our innovative Powering Up Project, building on her trusted relationships within PCN practice teams and wider neighbourhood stakeholders. The purpose of the Powering Up Project is to develop the internal capability of the PCN, its strategic direction and partnerships, and the enabling infrastructure, to improve the integrated approach to population health management of our local community.

What we are most proud of

We are most proud of our resilience. Our staff and our volunteers and our local community, despite all the challenges they have faced over the last 12 months, have worked hard to deliver our services together, taking our relationships to a more deep seated trust, which will create the foundations for the future.