Boston PCN is a forward thinking organisation that understands the importance of trusted relationships to provide a platform for communication with all parties to ensure the safe, efficient and effective delivery of care to the population.

In response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, practices within the PCN have evolved with the use of virtual patient consultations including Qdoctor, E-Consult and AccrX. Whilst the practices have established the use of virtual consultations they also realise the need to offer consulting means to support and meet the needs of all patient cohorts and continue to see patients face to face or via telephone where necessary to ensure a personalised approach and equality of access.

Whilst the need for virtual consultations has ensured all patients continue to be provided efficient care the PCN has invested time to work in partnership with providers to co-design Information Sharing Agreements, which are sustainable post the pandemic, to ensure safe, legal and timely access to information to support better outcomes for the registered population.

At present the PCN offers a Clinical Pharmacist who offers proactive and responsive support to practices with electronic repeat prescribing, medicines optimisations and prescribing governance for not only the practices but the wider network. There are also two (generic) social prescribers supporting people with their health and wellbeing by linking in with groups and activities in our local community. 

Boston PCN has committed to deliver the NHS England EHCH framework with the main focus being the provision of proactive care that is based on the needs of care home residents, their families and care home staff.

Pre COVID the PCN had initiated work on our Mission, Vision and Values to support strategic objective development.  This had paused, however the PCN recognises the need to restore this work to help with the branding and marketing of the PCN to our stakeholders and particularly our local population see this as key to support the shift in culture and behaviour as we co-design, test and implement new models of integrated care delivery and the changing roles of clinical and non-clinical workforce to develop a local resilient compassionate community.

It is anticipated that our valued and trusted relationship with the Neighbourhood Team will continue to grow and will be a fundamental enabler for delivery of our key objectives and support continued improvement and population health management in collaboration.