The last 12 month

ELPCN have supported the Covid-19 vaccination programme at Louth Hospital to the population of our area. To bring this closer to our population ELPCN are now delivering the booster programme directly from our population via practices.

ELPCN have continued a robustly recruit to various roles to support the delivery of bringing care closer to home for our patients.

This year ELPCN have recruited additional Clinical Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians to enhance our safe and effective prescribing schemes for medicine management. Occupational Therapists delivering a first class service. Recently we have successfully recruited Care Co-ordinators to align patient care, supporting practices patients and care homes. ELPCN have worked closely with our neighbourhood team to recruit a Mental Health nurse and social prescriber, along with services from LCC sharing Occupational Therapist teams and First Contact Physiotherapy.

ELPCN currently have 3 team members training as Trainee nurse associates to enhance the nursing teams to deliver more services in general practice.

The extended hours has commenced, this elevates the difficulty of our practice population having to travel to Louth, which due to our geographical area has been difficult for those patients in the south of our area. Patients are now able to access extended hours and extended access through their practice or a practice near to them seven days a week.

ELPCN are currently taking part in a national project pilot to look at pathways to dementia diagnosis and anticipatory care.

The next 12 months

Continue to recruit to roles best suited to our patient population to deliver enhanced services. This includes further provision of first contact physio and first contact paramedic.

Continue to work closely with our PCN neighbours, neighbourhood teams and external organisations to address unique challenges.

What we are most proud of

All practice teams and their cohesive engagement during difficult times. Throughout covid-19 pandemic ELPCN continued to deliver a safe service via tele health and always seeing those patients that needed to be seen brought into the practices.