The PCN is actively involved in a number of projects. It is currently working with a fellow PCN (Marina), LPFT, Lincoln City Council, YMCA Nomad and other organisations to support the Homeless Population of Lincoln. It is also developing an enhanced Care Home Service to better support the care home population.

The PCN has got a number of clinical pharmacists working across it’s area via a subcontract with Lincolnshire Co-Op. These pharmacists are working with GP practoces to improve medicines management. The PCN is expanding the pharmacy team further.

In addition the PCN offers a social prescribing service provided by VCS. Over the last few months these have also been used to support isolated and vulnerable individuals during the pandemic. The PCN is currently enhancing its workforce through further recruitment of First Contact Practitioners, Pharmacy Technicians, a care co-ordinator, Occupational Therapist and in the future Paramedics and Mental Health Practitioners. In order to support this working groups have been set up with representation from the PCN, practices and LCHS. These groups are currently expanding to take in other stakeholders as required.

Practices and the PCN have worked together to successfully established a hot site to deal with Covid positive patients.

  • Recruiting to the additional roles
  • Delivery of the elements within the Network DES
  • Continuing to work with fellow PCNs on projects e.g. Homeless service
  • Continue to engage with other PCN through the alliance and with the wider system
  • Start building partnerships with other organisations
  • Planning our approach to population health management