The last 12 month

We have worked together as a team of practices to deliver 44,440 Covid-19 vaccinations at our central site at the Lincolnshire Showground. 33 clinical volunteers and 133 non-clinical volunteers were very much part of the team and we felt this was a community programme as we came together to deliver this historic programme to get Britain out of the pandemic.

We are proud to have vaccinated our most vulnerable patients including administering 2,000 of the Covid-19 vaccination in care homes, to the housebound and via pop-up clinics in our most deprived neighbourhoods.

We have developed a care home team to provide an enhanced service to care homes. They are able to ensure that care homes have an appropriate and coordinated clinical response to any needs with input from multiple community services, a dedicated prescribing team and GP practices. The team are currently focusing on medication reviews, ensuring patients in care homes have the optimal regime for them to ensure best efficacy and minimal side effects of the optimum number of medications.

We have expanded provision of first contact physiotherapist additional roles, who provide review and triage of musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions in practice as a first point of contact.

The next 12 months

Working with colleagues across the system to establish ourselves within the new Integrated Care System (ICS) environment, integrating with acute, community and mental health trusts as well as the voluntary sector.

Expansion of care home team to include a dedicated occupational therapist and frailty specialist physiotherapist to improve the mobility and therefore quality of life for patients in care homes.

Implementation of a mental health team to work in and with practices to proactively deal with the increase in mental health conditions within our patient population.

Specialty nurse development to ensure management of long term conditions is of high quality across the area, there is integration with services in community and acute trusts and continual learning in our network of GP practices.

Delivery of Covid-19 boosters across our population.

Focus on population health management.

What we are most proud of

All of the above.