Apex PCN Management Board meets monthly with both clinical and non-clinical representation from each practice.

Apex is already providing Extended Hours and Improved Access (with Marina PCN) and sharing Clinical Pharmacists and a Social Prescribing Link Worker across the PCN using a Hub dashboard approach to facilitate access to the PCN’s patients.

During the year, one of the Apex practices, Richmond Medical Centre, integrated the transferred patients and employees of a nearby practice which had been put into special measures by CQC to provide stability and continuity of service for those patients.

Apex were early adopters of Clinical Pharmacists and already have a team of three, who have demonstrated their value by taking on a range of duties to save GP time and improve patient experience.

When Covid-19 struck all practices moved to a telephone triage model and adopted several on-line consultation and video consultation models across the PCN which allowed them to continue to deliver primary care services remotely. They also embraced the use of MS Teams for their own continued virtual communication.

Apex’s immediate priority is to implement the service requirements of the PCN DES for this year as well as extending their team of Clinical Pharmacists and recruiting First Contact Practitioners and a Care Co-ordinator to support the Enhanced Health in Care Home service.

All Apex practices have either adopted or are in the process of adopting the same clinical templates which should facilitate shared working particularly for the CPs and FCPs and there will be a continued drive towards using digital technology to support the delivery of their services and improving communication between the practices within the PCN.

Apex will also look at opportunities to improve collaborative working with the Neighbourhood teams and the wider healthcare system particularly with regards to the management of the frail, elderly housebound patients.

Planning for Winter and a potential second Covid-19 wave will also be in sharp focus for the Apex team to ensure they can continue to deliver safe services to their patients and protect their workforce