The last 12 month

Provision of clinical pharmacists for all member GP practices to ensure primary care prescribing is safe, effective, and helps all members to carry out structured medication review and deal with polypharmacy in frail elderly patients more effectively.

Provision of extended access as well as extended hours and helping other neighbouring practices who don’t provide such service thus improving access for the patients.

Provision of first contact physiotherapists to improve rapid access to usculoskeletal (MSK) advice and treatment.

Provision of social prescribing link workers for the locality to help reduce health inequalities by supporting people to unpick complex issues affecting their wellbeing.

Keeping all practices full engaged to identify practices needs and using Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS) funding accordingly to improve population health, creating more resilience and sustainability at general practice level by supporting practices with extra staff, resulting in improved capacity to deal with more complex patients.

Adding occupational therapist into our workforce to provide individualised care tailored to the needs of our frail elderly patients and aim to prevent unnecessary acute hospital admissions and improving community multidisciplinary team outcomes.

The next 12 months

Continue to recruit more additional roles.

Aim to achieve best delivery of all the elements within the Network Contract Directed Enhanced Service (DES).

Continuing to work with other primary care networks (PCNs) on projects which help our population health management overall. Also continue to engage with the Lincolnshire Primary Care Network Alliance (LPCNA) and the Integrated Care System (ICS) to get the best health outcome for our patients in the area.

What we are most proud of

Active participation in the Covid-19 vaccination programme. We actively engaged with neighbouring PCNs to take a collaborative approach to the mass Covid-19 vaccination.

Despite significant challenges posed by Covid-19 pandemic, our member GP practices not only maintained the provision of safe access and care to our patients but also learned and adopted the new ways of consultation extremely efficiently.