• Recruitment of Clinical Pharmacist.
  • Recruitment of Social Prescribing Link Worker.
  • Development of a Care Home Visiting Service to incorporate the input of a Geriatrician.
  • Reviewing the pathway of cancer referral within each individual practice and look at establishing a PCN process.
  • Using the principles of Neighbourhood MDT working to develop anticipatory, escalation and  advance care planning. This will support personalisation and the palliative care schedule requirements.
  • Working closely with the Communities Team of East Lindsey District Council, who are an integral part of our PCN Board.
  • Supporting the development & working with partners on the Towns Fund bids for Mablethorpe & Skegness as part of Connected Coast Board.

The three practices in the First Coastal PCN share the same challenges of deprivation and health inequalities that have been prevalent along the East Coast for many years. Working with partners, the PCN is supporting the development of the Towns Fund bids for Mablethorpe & Skegness as part of the connected coast board. 

From the health information we have, it has been noted that Mablethorpe and Skegness are ranked as the first and third most deprived towns in England and Wales respectively, and first and second as having being affected most by Covid-19 in terms of socio-economic deprivation. 

Workforce, recruitment and retention is and ongoing concern. However through integration, collaborative working and system support there is a desire to use innovation and  creative thinking to address the present barriers. First Coastal PCN is also working with Whole System Partnership on demand and capacity to support future workforce solutions.

As well as endeavouring to achieve the requirements of the PCN DES as part of the Five Year Plan, First Coastal PCN will be working with key stakeholders to address the challenges that our patient population face and try to raise health awareness and drive down health inequalities, whilst developing the appropriate services for our very unique population.