The last 12 month

Over the last 12 months the PCN has delivered Covid-19 vaccines for it’s population, as well as focusing on maintaining core GP services during an extremely challenging year. The PCN works closely together to build on these core services to support residents and to improve care, for example:

  • The PCN has an older than average population in a highly rural area which and therefore the PCN will aim to support associated health challenges and social isolation.
  • Compared to Lincolnshire as a whole overall deprivation levels are higher than average across the South Lincolnshire Rural PCN and has introduced a new team of Social Prescribing Link Workers and Health & Wellbeing coaches.

The PCN will focus on the requirements of supporting care homes and their residents, reducing the emergency admission rate and improving prevalence rates of cancer, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, atrial fibrillation, heart failure, CHD and stroke which are historically higher than the Lincolnshire average and have done this by developing further our staff teams of Clinical Pharmacist team and first contact physiotherapists, social prescribing and health and wellbeing coaches.

The next 12 months

Throughout the past year the PCN has focused on utilising new roles across primary care including Clinical Pharmacists, Health & Wellbeing coaches, Social Prescribing Link Workers, and First Contact Practitioner. This increase in new roles will allow a focus on:

  • Medicine management and optimization
  • Enhanced Health in Care Homes
  • Early Cancer Diagnosis and have established an in house ultrasound service that is available to all practices.

The main priority for the next 12 months however will be increasing Mental Health support for our residents which will be undertaken through a combination of introducing new roles and working closely with our local community mental health provider and the wider Lincolnshire system.

The PCN will continue to recruit to the additional roles whilst delivering all elements within the PCN contract building stronger relationships with other PCN and the wider system.

What we are most proud of

We are extremely proud of our teams and practices who have worked tirelessly over the last year, adapting to the changing situations quickly and maintaining high quality services throughout.