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Welcome to the Lincolnshire Primary Care Network Alliance.

With Primary Care Networks (PCNs) now into their fifth year and having emerged from the challenges of the pandemic, we have seen PCNs able to truly focus on Population Health Management, partnership working with local colleagues and delivering initiatives that have really made a difference to people across Lincolnshire.

The 14 Lincolnshire PCNs need representation in the system – this is different to General Practice representation which is the role of the Lincolnshire Medical Committee (LMC).  The Alliance aims to work collaboratively with the LMC to ensure both are represented and we work together to our common interests.

The Alliance provides one point of contact and collaboration for our system partners (Integrated Care Boards, NHS Trusts, Local Authorities) for matters relating to Primary Care working at scale and with other partners.

A combined voice for PCNs gives us strength, influence and a seat at the table.

You can find out about our Purpose and Vision, meet our Executive Team, and our PCN innovation stories, which highlight how PCNs have made an impact by bringing people together to develop and provide services in a different way to meet the specific needs of their population.

Together we look forward to continuing to work with colleagues across the system as we develop integrated working at both local and countywide level.