The last 12 month

Consolidation of our position and structure.

Active recruitment through ARRS, appointing 6 new staff.

Collaborative working with ULHT, Neighbourhood teams and community services.

Delivery across the PCN footprint of all phases of Covid-19 vaccination.

Pro-actively improving healthcare delivery within care homes and the community through new ways of working and additional workforce.

Development of enhanced asthma treatment within the community, via the introduction of asthma specialist nurses.

Supporting our aging population with a prominence of long term conditions and difficulties rising from geographical constraints.

The next 12 months

Again consolidating our position following a hugely demanding Covid-19 vaccination programme.

Continue to recruit and grow our healthcare team.

What we are most proud of

Progressing the growth and development of the PCN through a very demanding period, being able to demonstrate tangible change even though resources were in danger of being overwhelmed through the demands created through the Covid-19 pandemic.