The PCN is focusing on has made significant progress against some significant population health challenges when compared national and local Lincolnshire data and the future priorities for the PCN are all aimed at supporting residents and to improve these key areas, for example:

The PCN has an older than average population spread across two main towns and surrounding villages with an overall deprivation levels higher than average across the PCN.

The PCN will focus on reducing the emergency admission rate and improving prevalence rates of cancer, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, atrial fibrillation, heart failure, CHD and stroke which are historically higher than the Lincolnshire average.

The PCN has already embedded a team of care coordinators across the PCN which has been complimented by the introduction of additional roles including Occupational Therapists, Clinical Pharmacists, first contact physiotherapists, and social prescribing link workers this year.

As we move towards 20/21 the PCN will be focusing its delivering the requirements of the specific PCN services. This means that initially the focus will be on the delivery of:

  • Medicine management and optimization.
  • Enhanced Health in Care Homes.
  • Early Cancer Diagnosis 

The PCN will continue to deliver Extended Hours at evenings improving access to primary care.
This will be achieved through the PCN further developing its workforce and the introduction of additional:

  • Clinical Pharmacists.
  • First Contact Physiotherapists.
  • Social Prescribing Link Workers

We will also be preparing for additional Mental Health Support from April 2021.