Marina is already providing Extended Hours and Improved Access in conjunction with Apex PCN and sharing First Contact Physiotherapist; Social Prescribing Link Worker & Mental Health Practitioner resources across the PCN using a Hub Dashboard approach to facilitate access to the PCN’s patients. 

Marina is also actively collaborating with the wider healthcare system on a number of projects, one of which is the Holistic Health for the Homeless Team which is designed to improve the health of Lincoln’s homeless population by offering enhanced primary care services with the support of other agencies such as LPFT, Lincoln City Council, CCG, Imp PCN and the Neighbourhood team.

Marina PCN Exec Board meet monthly and are participating in an Organisational Development programme.

The Practice Managers meet weekly to improve communication and develop joint working initiatives, which proved invaluable when they needed to work as a single team to adapt and change to maintain patient services when Covid-19 struck.  They were able to work together to quickly introduce a telephone triage model utilising the Hub as well as adopting on-line consultation models and improved internal communication with the use of MS Teams.

Marina’s immediate priorities are to implement the service requirements of this year’s PCN DES and to extend their multi-disciplinary team to improve patient experience as well as saving GP time by establishing a Clinical Pharmacist team whilst they also continue to develop their collaboration with other healthcare providers across the wider system.  
Develop the Marina Vision, Values and Strategy; a Population Health Model for 18 – 29 years age group; and a Workforce Plan to identify future resource requirements as well as a training needs analysis to ensure they develop and upskill their existing team to meet their future demands.  

Ensure they have the appropriate resources, including digital technology, to prepare themselves for the challenges of Winter & a potential second Covid-19 wave in order to protect the safety and wellbeing of both their patients and team whilst being able to continue to deliver their services.

In the medium term, Marina wants to be an active participant within the Provider Alliance with strong foundations to provide excellent population health management.